We are a company that deals with sports awards and engravings,

initially founded in 1986 as assemblers of cups and trophies, we have evolved with time towards the first engraving pantographs with manual then with computerized pantographs with engraving and laser cutting,

in fact we have three pantographs CNC for beasts deep cuts on steel, cutting of materials such as aluminum, brass, plexiglass, wood, etc. with a maximum area of ​​work 65x49 cm, of which one for circular incisions of edges as bells, bowls and silverware for circular objects with maximum diameter of 30 cm,

two with CO2 source laser engravers and the other one from 35w 60w with maximum working surface 80x45 cm

the CO2 laser is excellent for marking and laser engraving of organic materials such as glass, leather, wood and paper, marble, etc. can be used to mark alphanumeric codes, logos, barcodes and QR Code in a variety of materials at very high speed, Ambe two of the house, but they "splitter" that allows circular incisions.

We also have a printer with A3 sublimation ink with heat press, to print color on the plate for aluminum awards, ceramics, pillows, small flags, caps, and everything related to the objects and specially treated materials for this type of printing .

Our equipment also includes a screen printing machine manual 1 color.

All plexiglass products and cutting materials are designed and manufactured within our generation establishment, which is developed in 250 m2 with ample parking, is located 2 km from the exit "Versilia" A12 Genoa-Livorno and 100 meters from ' aurelia which pietrasanta go to Viareggio.

From sports awards labeling of industrial plants, machinery, piping and personalization can help